• 2015/04/30

    How quickly will phased array replace conventional UT?

    As time goes by, like anything else PAUT instrument may become more affordable and will become the favored instrument for all UT inspections.

  • 2015/04/10

    Early stage of plasticity and fatigue damage

    Early stage of plasticity and fatigue damage are difficult to detect using conventional ultrasonic techniques. Nonlinear ultrasonic technique based on harmonic generation has been shown to have the ability to solve the question.

  • 2015/04/10

    Review of NDT on Cast Iron Material

    Cast iron components are widely used in boilers, pressure vessels, pressure piping, automobile, tractor, machine tool and general machinery.

  • 2015/04/10

    CIVA's Simulation Software

    The CIVA simulation software is composed of three parts-UT,ET and X-rays, and the UT module can be divided into Beam Simulation and Defect Response.