Cany 66

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    Pulser Negative splike wave
    PRF 40, 250, 1000 Hz
    Energy settings 400V
    Pulse width 30-500 ns
    Damping 50, 100, 200, 500 Ω



    Gain 0 to 110 dB
    Receiver bandwidth 0.5 MHz to 22 MHz, frequency optional
    Rectification Full-wave, Positive Half-wave, Negative Half-wave, RF
    System linearity 0.1%
    Resolution 3%



    Automated calibration
Velocity, Zero Offset 
Straight Beam (First Backwall or Echo-to-Echo) 
Angle Beam (Soundpath or Depth)
    Test modes Pulse Echo, Dual, or Through Transmission
    Units Mm, inches
    Range 0.5 mm to 9999 mm (0.0197in. to 394 in.)
    Velocity 1000 m/s to 15000 m/s 
    Zero offset 0 µs to 199.9 µs
    Display delay -10 mm to 2000 mm (-0.39in. to 78.74 in.)
    Refracted angle 0° to 85° in 0.1° increments

    Measurement gates 2 fully independent gates for amplitude measurements
    Gate start Variable over entire displayed range
    Gate width Variable from Gate Start to end of displayed range
    Gate height Variable from 2 to 95% full screen height
    Alarms Positive and Negative Threshold, Minimum Depth (Gate 1 and Gate 2)

    Measurements display 5 locations available (manual or auto selection)
    Gate 1 Thickness, Soundpath, Projection, Depth, Amplitude, Time-Of-Flight, Min./Max. Depth, Min./Max. Amplitude
    Gate 2 Same as Gate 1
    Echo-to-Echo Standard Gate 2-Gate 1, Optional IF Gate Tracking
    DAC/TVG Custom DAC
    DGS/AVG Overshoot (dB) value for DGS/AVG, ERS (equivalent reflector size)
    Curved surface correction Standard OD or Bar correction for Angle Beam measurements



    Overall dimensions (W x H x D) 220mm x 170 mm x 60 mm (8.67 in. x 6.69in. x 2.36 in.)
    Weight 1.4 kg, including lithium-ion battery
    Keypad English, International, Chinese
    Languages English, Chinese
    Transducer connections BNC or Number 1 LEMO
    Data storage 30,000 IDs onboard, removable 2 GB MicroSD card (standard)
    Battery type Single lithium-ion rechargeable standard
    Battery life 8 h (lithium-ion)
    Power requirements AC: 200-240V, DC: 15V-4A
    Display type High brightness TFT LCD, 640×480 pixels
    Display dimensions (W x H, Diag.) 5.7"



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        DAC Function                            Weld Graph Illustration



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